On FPS Game Progress: #1

I didn’t expect to write another post for a much longer amount of time period. I don’t know what happened, but I knew wasn’t able to push it back anymore and started work on this, uh, tech demo. It is going to be great one day. For now though, and upcoming months (maybe years) at least, it’s gonna be nothing more than a tech demo / toy.

So let’s move onto what it is:

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Fabric 2 Feb – Mar ’19 Devlog: The Boundaries

It turned out that posting these devlog bi-monthly is the sweet spot of frequency, I think. Due to life events (like getting married) taking a little bit of spare time away, development content for just one month isn’t as much as worth writing about. On the other hand, within two months enough things go into the project so that these posts won’t feel like an extended tweet.

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