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Fabric 2 Feb – Mar ’19 Devlog: The Boundaries

It turned out that posting these devlog bi-monthly is the sweet spot of frequency, I think. Due to life events (like getting married) taking a little bit of spare time away, development content for just one month isn’t as much as worth writing about. On the other hand, within two months enough things go into the project so that these posts won’t feel like an extended tweet.

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On Prefabric #3, The ‘Why?’ and the Answer

I released a game, and I told no one about it.

It sort of feels wrong at the first glance, right? Having to work on an experience that you think is cool, for a considerable amount of time. Sacrificing the precious after-work hours in which you could play games, watch Netflix, solve the Rubik’s cube, stare at the ceiling etc. Basically anything that doesn’t include kicking the disciple switch on and make yourself feel a little bit more miserable for the evening. You think it’s worth it, worth the pain, in the end. This is a marathon and you have to force yourself sometimes. You dream of that release button, followed up by positive and encouraging player comments on the bottom of the page, maybe some coverage on press websites. Of course you’d be sharing that store page pretty much everywhere, right? That’s the result of your two year’s hard labor. If you don’t, why did you make the game, then?

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