abe Angry Birds Evolution is a 3D puzzle RPG developed by Chimera Entertainment and published by Rovio.




Fabric is a first person puzzler where you manipulate the spacetime curvature to reach the goal.

You can visit the homepage, or grab it on Steam




prefabric_cover Prefabric is another puzzle game about space manipulation. It is still in early development and  aims to be a more casual project than Fabric.






 is an educational game about trying various teaching methods and finding out how they affect children in terms of knowledge, fun, curiosity etc.


levelshotstorreng pack is a collection of maps I did for OpenArena, an arena FPS based on ioquake3 engine. They are nowhere near done, but I had managed to catch a glimpse of level design concepts working on those.





Jam games: I’ve been participating game jams for years.