Jam Games

I’ve been always participating game jams since I’ve figured out how to write code that produces something fun. Some of the following date way back to the times I barely could piece two sane lines of code together, so keep you expectations low.

HAŞIRT is my GGJ2017 entry. It’s a competitive local multiplayer game about getting key sequences correct as quickly as possible.

Github page, submission page, timelapse

Crowded Room is my LD37 Jam entry (theme: one room). It’s about getting to where you want to go in a room full of your past-selves.

Github page, submission page

Ancient Amele Simulator is my LD36 Jam entry (theme: ancient technology). It’s about protecting stationary targets from incoming magic missiles. You craft bricks from clay puddles scattered around, and then you stack these bricks onto the runway of missiles.

Github page, submission page

12:27 is a multiplayer action prototype about pushing yourself around with office chairs.

This was just a couple of days work; after I’ve been working with behavior trees for my day job, I though I could give it in a FFA context. In this game you only can push yourself back in your chair, and swing your bat to frag others.

Download Windows executable


Run the Drum is an endless runner game about rhythm and cooperation.

In this GGJ 2013 entry, two players control the avatar; one is avoiding obstacles by jumping / sliding etc, the other determines the avatar’s speed by tapping on a surface nearby the microphone. The faster the player taps, the faster the avatar runs and vice versa. Some obstacles requires the avatar to go fast, whereas some require slow movement.

Unfortunately, the jam’s time constraints didn’t let us to test the game on other machines, so there’s no “properly working” version of this game besides my own machine.

Written in AS3-Flixel.


Necrowave is a game about the untold chaos of the apocalypse.

This is a “Game Devs Turkey Jam (GDTJam)” entry, which took place in 2012. In Necrowave, apocalypse happens and you try yo reach the evacuation zone before getting infected by zombies. The thing is, you don’t know who you are, or where the apocalypse will start from, until it happens.

Necrowave was something I tried many things regarding game development for the first time, which are procedural level generation, producing assets and SFX production.

Written in AS3-Flixel.


Don’t Feed The Troll is a game about feeding lonely guys while protecting yourself.

This is the first attempt to make a game by torreng.

In “Don’t Feed The Troll”, you try to feed “Forever Alone Guys” by grabbing the food from ground and put down on their walk trajectory. Meanwhile, trolls try to eat the food, which you shouldn’t be letting them. And if that rage guy touches you, you die.

Written in AS3-Flixel. Music by Mr. Weebl

Cat Pointer would’ve been a game about protecting cats from dogs using their irresistible passion of catching the red dot.

This is probably my first non-jam game-related work, dates back to 2012.
Nothing interesting, just a cat (grey) trying to grab the key and reach the door, meanwhile a dog (red) chasing it if it sees the cat.

Written with AS3-Flixel.