Sinifta is an elementary school teacher training simulation, which I worked on while working for a simulation company. It’s about trying various teaching methods and finding out how they affect children in terms of knowledge, fun, curiosity etc. You, as the player, try to give a lecture to a bunch of little kids while dealing with their misbehavior actions, with the aim of keeping their mental stats as high as possible.

It has three game modes: single player, multiplayer and cave environment. Single player is played against A.I. students which produce misbehavior using an A.I. model developed by education academics. In multiplayer, pre-determined trainers can replace A.I. to create certain situations. The third mode requires real world hardware installation, after which the trainee gives the lecture in real world gestures to students reflected on three big screens.

It is made with Unity, by a team of 3 people (excluding academic background), me being the gameplay / network programmer.

Details can be found on the website (Turkish):