“Karşıdan karşıya iki tarafa da baktıktan sonra geçerken kafana uçak düşmesi gibidir yetişkinlik.”

“Kusra bakma seni buraya böyle getirdim.”

“Yoo estağfurullah evladım.”

“Ama, yani, bilemem lazım. Bilmem lazım ve sen aslında tek kişis–”

“Anladık, tamam” diye sözümü kesti yaşlı adam. Sadece nefes almak bile zorluyormuşçasına yanaklarını şişirdi, sonra sandalyede arkasına yaslanıp gözlerini yanan şömineye çevirdi. “Sor bakalım.”

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On Prefabric #1, Initial Commit

Sorry for the wall of text. I guess I had just too much to say.

Edit: I forgot to mention that you can browse the source on Github

This is the first time I talk about my new pet project, Prefabric. Following the release of Fabric, I finally had the chance to think thoroughly on technical and design issues of the game, as I’ve pointed out, and it’s not even the complete list. It seemed like there were so many things done wrong that I felt so eager to jump into a new project to do those things right. I left Fabric so behind that even though I’m able to get my hands on a VR headset and know how awesome it could be, I’m not working on a VR port. Hell, I didn’t even start on Mac/Linux builds, which are roughly one click away. This is a mistake I’m currently doing, and I’m well aware of it. I hope I won’t regret it too much. Continue reading

On Puzzle Design and Fabric

It has been approximately 2 months since we released our puzzle game Fabric. So while probably it’s too soon to write-up a postmortem, there are certain issues I’d like to talk about. I’ve been aware them during development, but I think calling a product ‘finished’ makes its issues much more eligible to be discussed.

For those who are like “Fabric? wut?”, it is a first person puzzle game on Steam, which also happens to be first (game) project I’ve ever completed.

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